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Trust. Transparency. Human Touch

Core Placements Expertise

Our DNA is made of grit and agility. When we search, we spread our wings and laser-focus on the needs of clients.

While our capabilities extend widely to the corporate, law, banking, financial and estate development industries, we have already harnessed through our years of experience, strong expertise in the legal placements. These core placements include:

At Talent Legal, we are committed to making a difference in your career advancement. We will discuss and understand your job aspirations before we proceed with an extensive search on suitable opportunities. We do not solicit candidates’ profiles to our clients as we adhere to our core values of Trust, Transparency and Human Touch.

If you are a candidate looking for a career opportunity in some of the most coveted positions in Asia, drop us a line here at and send us your profile. It may be the start of a most rewarding career ahead.